Hulett Museum & Art Gallery

Hulett Museum & Art Gallery Our Newly Remodeled Building Invites You To Step Back In Time! Since first opening its’ doors in April 2010, the The Hulett Museum & Art Gallery has made its mission to collect and preserve the history, culture and integrity of northeastern Wyoming.  The Museum seeks to inspire, educate and enrich the lives of the community, tourists, and visitors by collecting and preserving both prehistoric and historic artifacts.  These objects are artifacts of the heritage of the people of Hulett and surrounding area. The Hulett Museum and Art Gallery proves that art, history and community do not have to be on opposite sides of the spectrum.  In Wyoming, where trail hikes still turn up arrowheads and cowboys still move cows, there is a reverence for history as it’s told through art (and for the stories which are being written right now).  Supporting, encouraging, creating and owning art not only means that the museum will have a sustainable future, but that the West will too.

Address: 115 N. Hwy 24 - Hulett, WY 82720
Phone: 307-467-5292

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