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Rogues Gallery: Art Studio of Bob Coronato

I have been painting, drawing, and a full time intaglio print maker for the last 20 years. My focus has been documenting aspects of the contemporary Cowboy and American Indian life. I try to find the most rural and pure people that still hold the old traditions, and hang on to the historic ways. I paint from first hand experience as I travel through the rural areas of Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. My montra is “One that had not lived the life,…couldn’t paint a picture to please the eye of one that had!” I moved to Wyoming in the early 1990’s, and cowboy’d all over Northeast Wyoming and Southeast Montana. I have been going to the Crow Indian family reunion for 15 years. By gaining first hand knowledge, I try to show parts of the western life that had not fully disappeared from the culture. The questions I hear most often about my long cattle drives or tepi camp scenes is, “Do they still do that?” Well,…. yes they do, but not for much longer. By living in a very remote section of Wyoming, and working w

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