About Hulett

Hulett is Historic!

Hulett was established in 1896 and named for a family that settled there fifteen years earlier.  Nestled between the red sandstone cliffs of the Belle Fourche River, Hulett is in one of Wyoming’s prettiest locations.

Visit the Hulett Museum & Art Gallery

Downtown Hulett is home to the Hulett Museum & Art Gallery, preserving northeast Wyoming’s rich history and culture. Among the collections is a fantastic display featuring dinosaur bones. The museum also offers the opportunity to see local homesteading stories and the relics from that era.

Hometown Hulett Attractions

Hulett is also home to the Golf Club at Devils Tower. This private golf course & club features special packages for travelers who want to play a round in the shadow of Devils Tower National Monument. Skeet shooting and fine dining at the 77 Steakhouse and Saloon (open to the public) are also available.

There are several great hotels and many hometown restaurants from which to choose. Just a short drive away, families can enjoy a hike around Devils Tower. True adventurers can hire a guide and climb their way to the Tower’s top!

Sportsmen visiting the area enjoy premier hunting. Turkeys are hunted in both the spring and the fall. Large game including elk and deer are pursued each fall. If you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation, Hulett is your perfect vacation destination!

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