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Hulett, Wyoming is most famous for it's proximity to Devils Tower, our nation's first National Monument.

Situated on the edge of Northeast Wyoming's Bear Lodge Mountains, Devils Tower national Monument is a 1,200 foot igneous rock formation or monolith rising above the nearby Belle Fourche River. This amazing rock has drawn admiration for centuries. Many Native Tribes consider the site sacred. It also has a colorful history of climbing and plays a part in many early adventure stories from the first climbers on record scaling it with a wooden ladder to a failed parachute stunt which left the adventurer trapped atop for six days.

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Follow the Spirit Highway to Hulett, Wyoming

The traveler in us longs for unique experiences and you'll have to get off the beaten path for that. Take a detour from interstate travel and try something new! The Spirit Highway takes you to the Vore Buffalo Jump, a 120-year old general store in Aladdin, Wyoming and to Hulett, Wyoming along the Belle Fourche River and right by Devils Tower National Monument.

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Encounter the Tower Along the Way

In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower as America's first National Monument. Devils Tower National Monument is open 24 hours every day except for Christmas and New Years. The monument encompasses 1,347 acres. The visitors center is open daily from 9am - 4pm. Devils Tower is one of the top spots visitors visit in the Hulett area.

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Other Popular Things to See & Do While Visiting Hulett, Wyoming

  • The Vore Buffalo Jump is an important Plains Native American archaeological site. It is a naturally occurring sinkhole Native American's used for over 250 years as a "buffalo jump". 
  • The Bear Lodge Mountains are a great place to hike, mountain bike and ATV. During winter they offer excellent snowmobile and cross country ski areas too!
  • The Hulett Museum is full on interesting artifacts and historic information including historic photos, dinosaur bones and a collection of rifles and pistols used in the Old West.



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