Vore Buffalo Jump

The Vore Buffalo Jump is an important Plains Native American archaeological site. It is a naturally occurring sinkhole Native American's used for over 250 years as a "buffalo jump". 

A buffalo jump is a place where Native Americans trapped bison and drove them off a cliff to harvest their remains for food, shelter and clothing.

The Vore Buffalo jump features an enormous quantity of bone and stone artifacts that are perfectly preserved in layers. Within the Vore Buffalo Site there are the remains of over 4,000 bison along with hundreds of chipped stone arrowhead points, knives and other tools.

While many discoveries have been made at the Vore Buffalo Jump there is still much to discover as only a small percentage of the site has been excavated.

The Vore Buffalo Jump is just one of the may amazing things to see while you visit the Hulett area.

You can learn more about the Vore Buffalo Jump by visiting their website or on the Visit Crook County website.


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